List of Vendors

(H) indicates hand-made


  • Tree Climbing Canada (rental of safety gear, t-shirts, stickers, books)

Clothing and Fashion Accessories

  • Canarytown Boutique (clothing, accessories, jewellery, sandals)
  • Crystal Lake Conservatory (clothing, dance and active wear, dance accessories, greeting cards, decorations)
  • J & Jassy’s Ltd. (clothing, hats, pictures, bed sheets, pillows and blankets)
  • JJ Fashion (men/ladies clothing, sheets, pillows)
  • Sweetlegs Caledonia (canadian legging company)
  • H.M.L. (womens clothing, handbags and blankets)
  • Cutie-Pie Corner (kids clothing, tutus, hair accessories, capes, wings and wands)
  • Los Mayas (clothing, fashion accessories hats/caps, flags, soccer items)

Food and Tasty Treats

  • Bryan’s Dixie Dogs (dixie dogs, hot dogs, sausage on a bun)
  • Dandy Cotton Candy (cotton candy booth)
  • Dila Enterprises (blooming onions, soiuvlaki wraps, fish&chips,hamburgers, hotdogs fries poutine)
  • Epicure-Vicki Dalby (spice blends, dressing, rubs and cookware)
  • Gators Grub (pulled pork/back bacon, bugers, sausage, poutine, deep fried pickles)
  • Happy Games and Treats (milkshakes, cones,sundaes, nachos&cheese, pickles, popcorn and toys and hats)
  • Heavens Delights (soft serve ice cream, slushies, shakes, snocones, popsicles,sundaes & banana splits)
  • Ice Cream 4U (soft ice cream, sundaes, shakes, slushy, popcsicles)
  • Kilties Mini Donuts (donuts, hot and cold beverages)
  • Original Kettlecorn (prepackaged kettlecorn, apple cider donuts)
  • Park Street Pops (H) (popsicles)
  • Rotary Club of Simcoe (pancakes and syrup, coffee)
  • Simcoe Lions Club (hot dog/hamburger, sausage, dixie dogs, fries/poutine)
  • Summer Time Lemonade (freshly squeezed lemonade)
  • Sunsweet Catering (H) (Hummus 12 flavours, speads 4 flavours, pita chips)
  • Taste of Latin (H) (fajita /burritos/enchiladas/tacos, bbq steak/chicken, rice and beans)
  • Western Survivor Beef Jerky (beef, pork, turkey jerky and pepperetts)
  • Whimsical Touch (H) (jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys, tarts, fudge and baked goods)

Home and Garden Décor

  • CurlewTable Linens (H) (table linens, accessories, vintage quilts)
  • D & L Crafts (H) (wood signs, wreaths, smoke pots, garden décor and furniture)
  • D&D Crafts (H) (sewn kitchen décor items, adult/kids aprons, dishcloths, t-towels, scrubbies)
  • Lena’s Scentsy (wax warmers, wax bars, cleaning products, stuffed animals)
  • Makes Scents (H) (wax, melts, diffusers, oils, air fresheners,bracelets and lava beads)
  • Nifty Stuff by Gail (H) (polymer clay home décor, sculpted caricatures, fairy house tea lights, xmas)
  • Sealed with a Kiss (H) (refinished jewelry boxes, kitchenware, shelves and signs)
  • Seasonal Crafts (nautical woodcrafts, kitchen accessories, wind chimes, key & jewellery boxes)
  • Sports Persistence (canvas prints, large mouse pads, wallet and key chains)
  • Taylor Chopping Boards (H) (local hardwood chopping boards, butcher block finish, coasters)
  • The Green Frog (garden décor, teddy bear baskets, metalware, witches/angels
  • Young Living Essential Oils (essential oils, diffuser jewellery, gem bracelets/necklaces, car diffusers)

International Crafts

  • El Indio Peru (dream catchers, kids sweaters, pan flutes, cd’s, live music)
  • Haven Furnishings Ltd. (moroccan/indonesian drums, jewllery and wood products)

Personal Care Products

  • Catche Soaps (H) (soap, bath products, healing salves)
  • Deep Beauty Spa (H) (henna tattoos and jewellery)
  • Select Marketing (Thentix skin care, maxfit gloves, urad leather conditioner, universal stone, cleaner)
  • Sisters of the Sacred Wood (H) (aromatherapy products, herbal products and gemstone jewellery)
  • Tophers Beard and Soap Co. (H) (mens beard care/wet shaving, shampoo, soaps, bathbombs, body butter, scrubs)
  • VoxxLife (nuerotech socks, insoles, patches)
  • Paxodal (cell phone accessories, toasters, pop sockets/phone holders, purses, shoes watches)

Information Booths

  • CIBC Run for the Cure information booth
  • Costco (information booth-selling memberships)
  • K of C Dollier & Galinee information booth, booklets and pamphlets)
  • Lisa Naves Dance Co. (information booth and class registration)
  • Simcoe Little Theatre (information booth and membership sales)
  • Voice for Life information booth


  • Kamila’s Amber jewellery (amber, sterling silver)
  • What in Creation (H) jewellery (gemstone)
  • Laura Dunphy Magnetics (H) jewellery (magnetic)


  • Norfolk Roots Midwives (baby change area in Kidszone and information)